Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Nice Warm Simmering Pot

I woke up really cold this morning. Cold and just kind of blah. For some reason, this change from Daylight Savings Time has been kicking my ass this year. Blah, indeed.

I resolved upon getting up and out of bed that I was going to want to spend some time in the kitchen around a nice warm simmering pot. After last night's Saag, I also needed to have some more greens.

You may not know this (my attempt at humor for the night coming up...) but Minnesota is not exactly known for being tropical. Around this time of year everything gets kind of start to die off and get, well, brown and boring. In a month or so it'll all be white. While I do love winter -- the idea of curling up under a blanket on a cold day with a couple of dogs and a good history or programming book sounds like a little slice of heaven -- it's often not all that fun to look at.

So in addition to simmering and greens, we're going to need to add a little bit of color. Luckily, the greens, in addition to their deliciousness, will help us do just that. In addition, I decided to toss in some tomatoes and some white beans and, as they say, we've got a stew going on. I just wanted to go for something basic and filling.

The Wife's review: This is very earthy and straightforward. There weren't a lot of seasonings in it, which let the flavors of the main ingredients really shine through. A good thing to have after a long day's work.

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